San Marino orbits to the top?

We don’t know whether it was the return of big brother Italy, or the prospect of a trip to the charming town of Düsseldorf that tempted the Sammarinese to reenter our favorite singing competition. Either way we’re happy to have them back and the way we see it there are a couple of pro’s and con’s to take into consideration when reviewing this year’s entry. The drawback being the song, which is quite boring and oldfashioned. The asset being Senit herself, she seems to be bubbly, fun and likable. By the look of it we expect her to lift a rather ordinary song, perhaps all the way into a spot in the big final.

Unlike last year, there are not that many ballads on offer this year, this will work in favor of Senit qualifying from semi-final 1. When you’re in the running with a ballad it’s important to grab the viewers’ attention and prevent them from nipping off to the loo, or pop over to the bar to fix another GT, or simply from falling asleep. With a professional and experienced performer as Senit this should be a walk in the park.

We checked out Senit’s blog and nothing charms us fans more than a performer who obviously loves every second of her Eurovision experience. Who actually loves being there just as much as we do, who join the parties, talk to the fans and are having a blast. With artists like that, we keep forgetting that we don’t really care that much for the song and don’t be surprised if we will end up as fanatic supporters of San Marino in May. You know how easily duped we can be after a few free drinks and a vague mention of reading our blog even though we realize they have really no idea who we are and what blog we’re jabbering on about.

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