Cyprus heading back to their roots

Cyprus took a stroll off the beaten track last year and surprised us by sending a Welsh guy, accompanied by his mates from Scotland, England and Norway to defend the Cypriot flag in Oslo last year. We liked this refreshingly new approach, and Cyprus ended up in the final and scored quite a few points from all over the place, not only the mandatory 12 points from their Greek neighbors.

Now it’s back to the normal dreary stuff they usually send and even though we think it’s nice that some countries stay true to their roots and give us the long anticipated ethnic fix we have been screaming for this year, we can’t bring ourselves to actually like this Mediterranean hunk and his sulky ballad. At first we think this must be the power ballad edition of Rihanna’s Umbrella, especially during the first bridge in the beginning of the song, which is kinda cool, but mostly weird. The rest of the song sounds and looks extremely old fashioned, and while watching the promo video we sort of half expect someone to flash an Iphone 4, or read a newspaper with headlines on Libya, just to prove that we’re in 2011, not 1991.

We reckon Cyprus will struggle without the usual support from Greece, as they are separated in the semi-finals. We post a big question mark behind whether Cyprus will manage to scrape together any points at all this year. Could we be looking at their first nil points ever? This is pretty much all the excitement we are able to muster up when it comes to this entry to be perfectly honest. Not a good omen for the Cypriots.

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