Bulgaria’s best bet?

Ever caught yourself wondering who’s the Bulgarian Pink? Of course you have, and today we can reveal it’s Poli Genova! This girl has made Beyoncé cry and we hope to God it was for the right reasons, otherwise it really isn’t much to brag about is it. The fact that she was runner-up behind Bulgaria’s 2009 Eurovision entrant Krassimir Avramov is much more worthy of a good cry, in our opinion. His ESC entry Illusion, is labeled under “crime against humanity”.

We have been trying to wrap our head around Poli’s Na Inat for a while now, and we must admit we kind of struggle to actually remember it. It’s not exactly the sort of song that sticks to your brain and suddenly you find yourself humming along to the chorus while waiting in line at the local supermarket. That having said we definitely like it, and we’re sort of surprised by that ourselves.

It’s not the greatest Eurovision entry ever, maybe not even the best Bulgarian effort up until now from their short ESC back catalogue. The song lacks direction, it doesn’t exactly feel like it’s going somewhere. But it has a catchy beat and Poli strikes us as a sincere performer giving it her best. Lots of credibility points just for singing in her own language. And having a grand piano on stage can never be wrong in the GEE rule book, we will declare our undivided love for this divine instrument any day! Not to mention the girl playing on the keyboard guitar, an instrument that has been nowhere to be seen since Modern Talking’s heydays. Good stuff. Actually the whole ensemble behind Poli on stage appeals to us. We are loving the whole, I’m just lounging on a piece of furniture, tapping away on my instrument, while looking effortlessly kickass cool thing they got going. Hurrah for giving us a fair share of girlpower!

This song deserves some support and attention we think. It might not make it to the final, but that shouldn’t keep the Bulgarians from holding their heads high in Düsseldorf.


  1. The song is about not giving up against all odds , it’s sort of national sport in bg ; )

  2. Good to know! And for what it’s worth, we loved Poli’s performance and think it was one of the most underrated songs this year, she should have been in the final!

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