To be or not to be for Poland

Poland is one of the countries that have struggled to figure out what pleases the televoters around Europe. Or perhaps it’s just the rest of us who simply don’t understand the first thing about what the Poles are up to, we dunno. After years of mediocre results it seems like they’re fed up with being underachievers and have decided to step it up with an entry tailor made for Eurovision. Is this a smart move? We’re not too sure about that.

Because throwing a crowd pleaser at us might get the fan boys all geared up, but to us it sort of smells like a sell out, and that rarely pays off in the end. It doesn’t get us fired up at least and we’d much rather cheer for someone who clearly doesn’t give a damn about what works and what fits the format, and who’s not so obviously trying too hard to cater to as many different tastes as possible and not offend anyone at the same time. Chances are you’ll just end up with something luke warm, half interesting and forgettable, that very few actually will bother to vote for.

It’s not that Magda Tul’s upbeat floor stomper is that bad. It’s ok, we suppose. But somehow the whole thing she’s got going doesn’t sit well with us. There’s this slightly artificial feel about it, like how she’s trying to be so naughty and raunchy, we just don’t buy it. And there’s a difference between being saucy and plain slutty, just saying.

After a few years with godawful dirgy ballads, and the rather artsy show on display last year, it’s refreshing with something different from Poland. We just wish they would throw the Eurovision rulebook in the bin and go for something that really would stand out.

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