Maltese mishap all over again

It pains us to say that this year’s review of the Maltese entry could pretty much have been a copy paste of last year’s review, you know the one with the seagull sneaking up from behind (which by all means in its own right has become a classic Eurovision moment). Not that the two songs sound anywhere remotely similar, but it’s the same old story about a country being so desperate to win, and which also would have deserved a victory just on effort, but somehow ends up sending rubbish to the international Eurovision final year after year.

We feel this urge to take a positive outlook on Glen Vella and his upbeat celebration of life, cause in our heads as far as our stereotypes goes, the Maltese are nothing but likable, friendly and amazingly fun people to hang around. We still haven’t come across a grumpy or disagreeable person from Malta. So we’re left with criticizing their taste, or rather lack of it, in music. It simply makes no sense to us whatsoever, and out of the 16 songs in the national final line-up, there must have been at least one song with better chances of reaching a respectable placing in Düsseldorf. Not that we spent time back in February actually listening to these 16 songs, we only have one life and life’s too short for putting yourself through that kind of misery. We’d rather go and have our legs waxed or something.

But dear Glen, don’t mind us, we’re just a couple of grumps from the cold north. If we can’t appreciate a happy and bubbly song with a positive message, then it’s our problem. Ok, it’s kinda your problem too cause no one will vote for you and there’s no chance you will reach the final. You see, being happy and enthusiastic won’t get you that far as long as the song’s basically crap. But don’t let it bring you down. Go out on that stage in the semi-final and have fun and give it your best. The rest of the week you can hit the dancefloor at Euroclub, where we promise you’ll have a blast.

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