Mirror mirror of Lithuania

Remember Snow White? She went to Lithuania and started blabbering away in French:

Gone are the dwarfs. Thank God. But what remains is a thing we can’t really relate to. Is it a musical singer? Is it a woman who sings in the end of Disney movies? Is she one of those artists that are only played in Grey’s Anatomy? And do we like musicals or Disney movies or Grey’s Anatomy? Oh, the choices you have to make to be able to be a Eurovision entry reviewer.

Thing is, we don’t normally like those things. But some times they can be our dirty, dirty pleasures. Like in a weak moment we would watch an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and go all emo in the end. Or we would watch an old Disney movie with an excited child and that dramatic theme song would make us go all mcdreamy. And when this song from Lithuania reminds us of those things, we get a little confused and somewhat stuck between a pillow and a soft place. Could be we’re just a tiny tad too romantic these days. Or could be we’ve heard too many save the world-songs and are glad too hear the traditional ballads again.

Well. The fact that Snow White is stuck inside a lamp shade while something is kinda growing out of her shoulder, is a matter best left out of further discussion. So is the fact that her hair should meet a kind pair of hands. But after hearing this for the fifth time, it gives us, and certainly our male companions, the same kind of headache Celine Dion would give. And you know, we’re glad Celine is out of this game. But then this kinda reminds us of those old, classy Eurovision ballads enough for it to be a good thing. FOL, we’re so schizo these days.

But to put an end to this emotional roller coaster, guess the question is gotta be answered: Mirror, mirror on our blog, do we like Lithuania? Sorry, mirror says no. Dirty, dirty pleasures remain hidden.

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