Georgian unpleasantries

Never in a million years would we think that Georgia would take us up on our advice of actually changing the lead singer, which was something we blurted out in frustration just after the Georgians decided to send the group Eldrine to Düsseldorf. Because even though as a fan so eloquently pointed out on some online fan forum, his toaster sings better than the former vocalist, kicking her out of the band is just a mean thing to do.

There’s something undignified about the whole process, and we can easily picture what happened when the big kahuna bosses over at the Georgian delegation realized that the selected entry got a rather bland reception. They simply got their heads together to figure out how to deal with it and came up with the great idea of pushing the drop dead gorgeous backing singer from last year into the limelight as the front figure for a band she has absolutely no connection to whatsoever. That kind of opportunistic behavior goes under the category B for bitchy and it’s not a nice way to treat your sista. And the spineless guys in the band just accepted it, sure why not, backstabbing bastards. Omfg, sometimes we just hate men. The ditching of the lead singer in favor of a more suitable one would perhaps win them a few extra votes, but it doesn’t score any sympathy points, that’s fore sure.

Ok, whatever, the show must go on and we have a song to review. At first we hated this song. After Georgia’s fetching ballad last year we were just so taken aback by this noisy mess. Kiss the final goodbye Georgians, was our initial response, but now we’re not so sure anymore. Never underestimate their ability to turn the tables and score a decent placing even with limited material to work with from the beginning. When they obviously gladly would sell their nan for a penny in order to score a few extra points it makes the outcome even more unpredictable. And by just judging the song on its own merit, we can no longer bring ourselves to hate it, now we just feel indifferent. However a big fat “Meh, next please” indifference is perhaps even worse than glowing resentment in the Eurovision business. This number can never become a frontrunner in our opinion, not even with a promo budget the size of Uganda’s GDP.

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