Finland goes green

Warning: this review will not contain one single reference to Tom Dice. Can you freaking believe it?

To say that the Finns were robbed last year, would be stating the obvious. How could you not completely fall in love with the two pretty Snow Princesses and their jolly hoopla song? We happily joined the merry go round and come to think of it, we’re kinda still spinning. The lack of success has however seemed to result in a change of strategy and Finland’s effort this year has more of a grounded approach. That is, if a song about how a 9 year old ventures out in the world to save the planet can ever be categorized as particularly, eh, down to earth.

But it’s amazing what you can get away with as long as you’re cute, and cynical GEE-girls are so easy to charm sometimes it’s outright embarrassing. Part of us just wants to slaughter Paradise Oskar’s naïve banalities and accuse him for being full of hot air and tell him to stuff his environmental nonsense up a certain place where the sun rarely shines. On the other hand perhaps the ozone layer is too thin up here on the northern edge of Europe and it’s clouding our judgment, cause we can’t help but fall in love with this song. Because at the end of the day this is a good melody with nice harmonies performed by a likable, talented singer and composer.

It certainly borders on being too boring, and it’s a big task for this man of a tender age to fill the stage and deliver the lyrics with the sentiments needed for the televoters to grab their phones. It might fall flat on the ground. But we want this to work, and we think Paradise Oskar can pull it off. And if it doesn’t work out we don’t think our guitar playing friend should worry too much, cause he probably has a bright future in the music business anyhow. He just needs to finish saving the planet first.


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