We hate Belarus

Yup, that’s right. We do not love Belarus. We don’t even like Belarus. In fact, we hate Belarus.

And you know, that hate is not for drinking all the alcohol of Oslo last year. No, that’s easily excused, even kinda charming compared to dictatorship, no freedom of speech or press whatsoever and corruption. Belarus is a country no one should be forced to love.

We hate Belarus. We hate that people are not allowed to say what they want, write what they want, even think what they want. We hate that the government is not elected in a proper way. We hate that there are people fearing for their life because they want a better life for their friends, family and fellow inhabitants. We hate that the best people of Belarus are in jail for wanting change. We hate that the word human rights mean absolutely nothing to Aleksander Lukashenko.

You know. No one should ever have to tell 100 million TV viewers they love Belarus. Belarus is not to be loved. Not even for a catchy tune, that is. Because catchy tunes are often used for increasing the impact of bad bad messages. Also known as propaganda.

This is where Eurovision gets political. And that’s something entries should be banned for. Worst of luck.


  1. I am glad somebody hates it too… being from the Eastern Bloc, I was pretty shocked how people liked this version (well and even the previous one for some reason).

    If Stazi really loved Belarus (and I do believe one can love their country in the worst of times… because history goes much deeper), she would be a dissident trying to bring the regime down. She would put her life on the line, or at least she would get out there and be an outspoken activist from abroad. She does nothing of that (we can still hope she will not perform this and instead ask Lukeshenko to resign as the whole Europe watches… but that’s like hoping that tommorow Middle East will erupt in eternal peace).

    There has been a parody made… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSH7vA33Zbs (the chorus itself is telling…)

  2. Don’t hate Belarus, the nation doesn’t deserve it. The corrupt system does. And today, on the day of national tragedy, reading “we hate Belarus” even if it is about a stupid song, hurts.

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