We are barely alive

When a duo of identical twins enters the ESC we really have to work hard to restrain ourselves from going completely ballistic with lame puns. And this year there’s even two set of twins? Come on, we are about to burst over here, there’s just so much material! We are however having second thoughts about this approach and after thinking it over twice we have decided to abandon this overly obvious journalistic angle for this review. Pew, good to have that one taken off our chests!

Sometimes we forget that Slovakia is a country. It’s a young nation and it seems to be overshadowed most of the time by whatever goes on across the border in The Czech Republic. This is probably not a good place to be for the Slovaks and what better way to set the records straight than the good old Eurovision entry promo video, strut your stuff we’d say!

Our first observation when watching this video is that there must be a lot of pretty girls in Slovakia, but they seem to look very similar (sorry, we can’t help ourselves!) And then we remember that we are suppose to review the song and for about the next 10 seconds we focus on listening. Next observation kinda gives us a feeling that Slovakia is not that pleasant as images of flooding, blown over trees, thorn down houses and old grannies in distress passes by. OK, places to go on our next weekend getaway, Slovakia: uncheck.

Finally we realize that the unsettling images must be connected to the message of the song we’re suppose to be reviewing, it’s all about saving the environment and raising the awareness of what happens when we don’t recycle or go by bike to work. That’s just so deep. The Slovaks however must be a sturdy crowd since they’re still alive after surviving numerous hurricanes and an assorted selection of other natural disasters.

All right, let’s move on to the sports section! Slovakia has an ice-hockey player named Satan, which is pretty darn cool in our opinion, and that’s even his real name. And during the Football World Cup last year, the Slovak team beat Italy, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t these days, so we don’t exactly see that as being something particular to brag about. Perhaps one of the twins is a WAG? Perhaps even both of them are? So let’s see what else do we have here… Yeah, we spotted Anastasija Kuzmina briefly who won a gold medal in biathlon during the Vancouver Olympics. Just don’t tell anybody that she’s Russian and has only competed for Slovakia since 2008.

The song is still going? Oh, sorry we didn’t quite notice. That pretty much sums up our review we reckon.


  1. A czech here *waves* and I like this song. Not because it is Slovak, but because it is a decent ballad (yes, it is somehow too professional…and lack passion, but it is still good ballad, with strong melody and well sung. The girls are pretty too, albeit too sparkly).

    I don’t like the slightly nationalist edge to the song… seriously… what does velvet revolution and ice-hockey gotta do with it? And yes, we get it, you got a state. Your own state. Indepedent even… let’s move on, can we?
    (and no, I am not bitter that they broke up with us. Czechs are doves, surely… but if you look how easy we let Slovakia go, it says a lot about geopolitical value of that piece of land).

  2. Hi venushalley, thanks for your comments, you are just as opinionated as we are, we love it! We like your blog too, and not only for the Eurovision stuff. We wish the Czechs will come back to the Eurovision family, your contributions so far have been… interesting!

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