Romania on a mission

Romania decided to send Robbie Williams to Düsseldorf:

At least the lead singer really, really wants to be Robbie. Not working out for him, that. These three Romanian musketeers give us the kind of stuff usually heard early on in Idol contests. You know, when you’re totally surprised by the fact that the contestants actually know how to sing. That’s not a good thing for a Eurovision entry from the country we usually love. And snapping of fingers does not help. We’re still mad at Romania for giving us this boyband shit instead of hunky funky Directia 5.

Actually, FML*2 (is that FOL?) for having to write about this utterly uninteresting, entry. Let’s at least start out with a couple of recommendations for them:

  • A stylist. Those outfits are totally uncoordinated and kinda boring. And the pianist’s hair is unmentionable. We can recommend our own Jan Thomas. He can give almost everyone a preferable polish, and that might actually work very well for these prettyfaced guys.
  • A new strategy. Because changing the world is very trendy and necessary these days and shouldn’t be ruled out even if you’re alone. Ask Denmark for help, maybe?
  • Coordination, coordination, coordination. Join Dancing with the stars or something
  • Hire a Norwegian consultant or two. We make wonders happen for you. And looks like you don’t do that yourself
  • Cheer up. You look so very dramatic and troubled and a little surprised and a little like you didn’t have time to go to the bathroom before you hit stage. Not so charming

On the bright side, this is one of the songs this year about politics instead of love. And after suffering through years of gay men declaring their love for the woman of their life, those gay men changing the world seem kinda refreshing and heartfelt. But as with everything – if you want to change the world, you should start with yourself. And that’s not exactly what Hotel FM has done.

We actually get that image in our head of religious people standing in a way too large group clapping their hands as the chorus kicks in. There is a lot of mission and praising going on here. But it’s not like we’ll praise back. Especially not when we discover there’s a Whitney Houston ending to it all.

But hey, we think this will do ok. We mean, musicals and Whitney Houston and Robbie Williams and schlager potential and cute guys all in one entry? Yup, we know some people who would just love that. Too bad we don’t.


  1. At least Romania qualified to the finals instead of Norway’s girl that had forgotten to take her voice with her to Dusseldorf!!

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