Point of please don't return

Remember the 90s? You know when women were women and men having become women was really radical and super cool? When a drum machine was happiness in a box and all you could ever dream of was fluorescent lightning? Then you probably also remember the diva of divas, Dana International. Well, unfortunately she’s back and she’s representing Israel for 2011:

We mean, we do of course love our divas and queens in GEE. And Dana International really has gotten her share of love and disco moves from us. Of course she’s looking all fab ion 2011 as well. That must have been some painful injections. And her dress makes her look like an angel the Norwegian princess donated. But seriously, when all the glitter and feathers wear off, this is big disco shit, honey. And your moves are worse than when two bloggers hit the floor at the same time.

It feels a bit like Israel is trying to play safe here. You know like they suddenly built a lot of houses where they shouldn’t build houses and now all kinds of people are mad and they need to give them something they know everyone likes. Only that would have worked so much better towards the end of last century, not way into this one.

So we suffer through over a hundred ding dongs and some weird swaying of hips only for old times sake. And we ask ourselves over and over again why on earth only a couple of the choir chicks move, and not even in a  synchronized kind of way. But halfway through we remember there’s more to internet than this. There’s Facebook to update and news about Japan to be read and yeah, what will we be having for dinner?

And then we go like oh, is that song still going? What is that again? Right, it’s Dana International. We just wish she would have adapted the expression Point of no return a little bit more literally. Meaning DON’T break our illusions. Meaning DON’T return. Ever.

Unfortunately she did.


  1. See, I like Dana… what like, I love her. I adore the song… and I don’t think it has anything to do with politics (it’s not like sending two pwetty peace activists to sing about how There Must Be Another Way, after they waged war on Gaza with shocking body count ratio). They send Dana because they consider it one of their best assets.

    So what it sounds bit 1990s… things were better back in the 1990s. Even the music was more geniune. And although I was hoping for more electro, even trancey stuff from Dana International (“Petrance” style) or perhaps pop with Middle eastern flava (“Hakol ze Letova”), this is still good. And there is a new version now, bit more uptempo… I am rootin’ for her.

    (her lack of expressions is kinda disturbing though)

    1. Yes, we like Dana too. But not this song, unfortunately. We just can’t write about Israel without mentioning politics, as everything connected to Israel is political to us. We are simply too mad at that country. But we can ensure you – it does not affect our judgement. Just check out our praising of last year’s entry and hunky man.

      1. Oh… Harel Skaat is a hottie for sure.

        I don’t mind you mentioning politics… (I personally cannot think of Israel apolitically either… it is my field of interest. Gotta give it to them they have good music scene, though). I just don’t think that Dana is there for political reasons… she is too controversial for that.

  2. You are completely off in your review. Dana is all glam, her moves are classy and the tune catchy. Top 5.

  3. Sorry. We just wish both Dana and Whigfield would have been left in the 90s where they belong. But good thing for Dana you feel differently. She is after all a star that deserves her fans.

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