Our night: DMGP final at Ballerup Super Arena

Ok, so our night didn’t really show up on this blog the morning after. Safe to say, we did need a couple of days to recover. After all, our favorite blokes in A Friend In London did win, and the Danes do know how to party. Two things that certainly did set us a bit back for the next couple of days. But hey, that’s all right. It was all worth it. Just take a look:

We made some posters for A Friend in London, so that even they could cheer for A Friend in London. And then Guri decided to replace the lead singer. Well done!

But after all this was our fav vocalist. Good to get him up close.
Of course we did need to terrorize last year's N'evergreen a little. We think this was our best snap shot of him, considering the lack of welding glasses.
This guy announced himself as very, very single onstage. We cannot even begin to understand why, but we guess this picture is a selling point to every dreamy eye of Norway. It's Jeffrey, peepz. Do remember to invite him to your party.
This guy actually did sing, we reckon, but what he ended up with was the first prize in the Mr White Teeth Denmark pageant. We hope he makes it to the European final in Düsseldorf.
Best dressed woman at the afterparty was Stine Kinck's mother. She won the opportunity to cheer for Stella. Haba Haba!
And then Kat of course was super glamurous. She does this a lot better than Mette Marit,we'd say. Kat for Queen!

And then. Do take a look at the fabulous winners A Friend in London again. What you should notice are those posters in the audience to the right. Those belong to GEE girls going bonkers. Then notice the balloons floating around in the audience. Probably the coolest invention by a Danish MGP band ever. And we can’t wait for further developments in Düsseldorf. Might we see yet another Flaming Lips move? We could only only cross our fingers.

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