Retro Sunday: Denmark 1989

The perfect Eurovision song is one that makes you happy, shiny and ecstatic. The perfect Eurovision song comes from Denmark:

GEE bloggers are still trying to recover from that awesome experience in Ballerup Arena last weekend. Whatta show, what winners, what an event. Could go on about that, but guess what we’re trying to say is that it was so good to see Denmark knowing their Eurovision again. We mean, after that thing last year from N’evergreen, who we’re still kinda mad at for stealing our Norwegian flag at the afterparty. But guess it’s all right, because we know you’ll treat it the way it deserves to be treated, hon, and please – do send it to Düsseldorf.

Then there’s the real reason we know Denmark will forever be our Eurovision heroes. And that’s called Birthe Kjær. After watching this video you might even say Birthe is your 80s hero. And we would agree. From that first lovely handshake between two times Sinatra there, you would just instinctively throw your right arm in the air. And then you would watch for two seconds as the queen diva of all queen divas moves forward in a shiny, foxy thing. And you would ask yourself “What fabulous invention is this? Isn’t this like the most perfect party song ever? How come I didn’t know about this at all the fabulous parties I hosted before turning 30?” And we would be like “Sorry for not telling you sooner, hon. But you have some glorious times ahead, also after this turn of events. And soon you’ll be the most popular faghag around”.

And then you realize there’s color in your world. It’s bright red in fact. So red that Sinatra times three will start dancing. Even Colin Firth would dance publicly if he were to listen to this. From now on the sky is filled with stars and there’s never ever gonna be any good night. “Will Denmark ever be as good as this again?”, you say. “We don’t know if that’s possible”, we’d say, “But it sure as hell is good to be Norwegian in Denmark”.

The only thing ever to be regretted, is that this doesn’t last longer – in fact that it doesn’t last forever.

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