DMGP Final night – Live blog

16.10: We are situated at the Danish fan club party after a day of recovering from. last night and making posters to cheer for A friend in London. Just learned that A friend in London is a favorite to win. Wow, that’ll make our posters happy! Also trying to participate in the quiz about DMGP history. Not working out so good. Reckon we hav 2 out of 26 correct answers. Not good for our expert reputation, that.

More updates coming through during the evening. Stay tuned.

17.03: Strange things happening in the hotel lobby. Stage dolls just came walking out of 1987 and into the elevator.

20.35: Here we are in Ballerup arena, and it’ electric. Tomas N’evergreen standing right behind us. Good for emergency welding.

20.48: Cougar spotted on stage. All that she wants is for us to look into her mind. No thanks. But lovin that wind machine more than the drying rack she chose as a prop.

20.55: Seated next to a Danish grump who does’t exactly love the Norwegian flag. Well, remember 1814, baby. It’s been a while.

21.00: Here’s Le Freak in disco clothing. If we didn’t love them allready, we’ll MARRY them now.

21.12: Sine Vig luckily survived that attack from behind, but omg Stine Kinck forgot her pants. Hope she remembered her brazilian

21.26: Two Marilyn Monroes on stage. hello, there’s only one Marilyn

21.31: Here’s a dilemma with Emma…and THERE’S the bathroom

21.44: Hello Friend in London. You’ve got two VERY good friends in Norway. Please notice our posters

22.45: GEE are in ESCtacy as our friends in London are in the final. Love you Danes. Keep voting!<3

2350: just saw the fab winners A Friend in London at the press center! Now we got our backstage passes to the afterparty. It’s gonna be off the hook!

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