So. Here we are situated at the press party for DMGP people, night one. Observations this far:

    Hooked up with the Schlagerboys, which of course was fab
    Even though we are at a very trendy club in Copenhagen, the music will never even be as trendy as in rural Norway, say Trøndelag, and that’s really untrendy, peepz. In addition, no Eurovision songs are being played at a Eurovision party

    Lee Hutton has bleeched his teeth to the extreme. Hello, UV lighting is so 1997
    Kat is best dressed by far. That is when we leave ourselves out
    Didn’t have time to chat up Ace of Base. She was too busy doing cougar posing
    Really happy our Stella isn’t here, because we got the feeling Christopher Brandt isn’t really into bongo drums. He better stick to his dilemma with Emma
    We’re freaking out about Le Freak. Don’t want to love them, but secretly we do. Hot guys coming through.

Stay tuned for party pics tomorrow!

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