Magic from Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Tonight the Bosnian broadcaster BHRT will reveal the song for ESC 2011. We already know that it will be performed by Dino Merlin, an experienced and merited artist, well-known and popular in the Balkan countries. We believe this to be a wise choice and are thrilled that he has accepted the challenge, after having avoided being part of ESC for several years, according to He participated for BH back in 1999 reaching a respectable 7th place and during his years of absence he suggested other artists to participate such as Laka and Regina. Which only happen to be two of our favorite entries during the last few years, along with Hari Mata Hari.

After a rather dull entry last year we are hoping for a strong comeback for the B&H and we are confident that Dino Merlin will pull something magical up from his hat. We are hoping for a grand ballad as this is something we are missing in the 2011 line-up so far. Who would have thought that after last year’s balladomania.

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