Dreams from France

Word is out that the French broadcaster France 3 will air the French song for Düsseldorf tonight. Amaury Vassili has already been internally selected to fly the French flag this year and by the look of it, it’s shaping up to likely result in a good old fashioned belter of a song. Amaury Vassili is only 21 but has already made a name for himself at least domestically by releasing a couple of records which have sold reasonably well. Good for him, we are sure that appearing in Eurovision will do wonders for his career. Or maybe not. Suppose it all depends on the song and how he manages to grab the opportunity to launch a career outside France, if that’s what he wants to accomplish by entering the competition. We would however advice him against taking any career advancing tips from one of his fellow colleagues within the same genre who competed for Norway last year. As a young, handsome, talented opera singer, Amaury Vassili should be fine just by doing the complete opposite of what Didrik did.

The entry Sonniu will be performed in Corsican, which we are sure will add a positive flavor, even though we are of course suckers for everything that’s performed in French. We think it’s a little sad that the French language will not appear at all in this edition of ESC until the points start pouring in when the voting result is being presented. That is unless some other country unexpectedly select an entry sung in French, like Cyprus did in 2007.

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