Retro Sunday: Italy 1979

It’s time for the best hair in Eurovision ever. Here’s Italy 1979:

This weekend we are high on the champagne celebrating Italy’s return to Eurovision. Certainly a moment we have been waiting for for a long time. And the fact that they chose a fabulous song sung in Italian just adds to our excitement. We can’t wait to see that in Düsseldorf! But, yeah, this is about 1979.

Raggio di Luna is a song about the moonbeam. But to us it really is more about entering the stage with extreme afrohair and a glam basketball shirt, in glittery hairbands for men and in something that reminds us of a priest’s outfit turned white. And you know, that’s  not necessarily a bad thing. Nothing really is a bad thing when you are Italian. Not even screaming and pretending to sing or making funny dance steps with a guitar, we’d say.

But the best part of this song is probably the extreme diversity of different choir techniques demonstrated. Here are the ooo-s and the tu-tu-tu-s, prrr and the aaaaaaaaah-s and the ahahahas. Also kudos for switching vocalist halfway through the song. Now we can think of a few people who should have learned from that.

Just join us in one happy toast to Italy. Bentornati, bello!

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