Spain decided last night

We considered tuning into Destino Eurovisión last night to bring us up to speed on what has been going on in Spain during this season’s pre selection rounds leading up to the big final. As one of the Big 4 (as of now Big 5) they must have been inspired by Germany’s success we figured, and besides our fav curly head Daniel Diges would host the show. Good stuff. However, the reports from fellow Eurovision bloggers and various fan forums suggested that we might be better off spending our Friday night elsewhere. It seemed to be largely agreed upon that the selection consisted of a pile of rubbish with no chance of making it anywhere near the podium in Düsseldorf.

Very well, don’t always believe the hype, cause we now somewhat regret our decision. According to reliable sources, the show was full of drama and suspense, which is very Eurovision worthy in our opinion. Lucía ended up snatching the ticket to Düsseldorf  with the song Que me quiten lo bailao. Lucía herself claimed that she’d prefer performing one of the other songs in the selection, but a panel of expert judges disagreed.

As usual, there seems to be divided opinions as to whether the right artist with the right song was selected, our initial reaction is that we’re not crazy about entries with more the 50% of the lyrics consisting of oooohoohowoow’s. Didn’t exactly the same happen last year? Too many wooohooohooo’s coming out of Daniel Diges to our taste. It just sounds so sloppy, like the folks behind the entry just couldn’t be bothered with putting actual words to the music. Not that repeating Haba Haba approximately a couple of hundred times in less than three minutes is very inventive either… On a positive note such uninventive lyrics makes it easy to sing along and to belt out the chorus on the dancefloor at Euroclub, which we probably will end up doing in a few months.

Now we know two of the Big 5 entries, so it’s starting to shape up. And tonight Italy will decide. It’s gonna be off the hook!

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