Italy is back, back, back!

14 years of hurt is about to come to an end as Italy will select their song for Eurovision 2011 tonight. We are desperately trying to get our heads around how this entry actually will be selected, but we are too excited to even think straight. And it appears to be just as incomprehensible as Italian politics. We mean, clearly no-one in their right minds would go ahead and elect Berlusconi, but he’s nevertheless the one ruling the country. So apart from the fact that this year’s Italian representative will come out of the Sanremo Festival, pretty much everything else is beyond us. Cause someone will of course become the Sanremo winner tonight, and in fact a winner of the contest in the Giovani category (newcomer’s selection) has already been crowned during the show yesterday evening. And RAI may decide to go with either of the different selections’ winner, or they could decide to choose someone else from the bunch. Oh, we are so confused!

If Italy decides to go with the winner in the newcomer’s category we will get acquainted with Raphael Gualazzi and his jazzy number Follia D’Amore. Maybe not a bad choice as it has a contemporary feel and rests in the same musical landscape as Lena’s newly selected Taken by a Stranger. And we like it when something new, brave or different is being preferred over the same old schlager cliches. But when it comes to Italy we have to admit that we secretly wish they would go for a grand, fluffy, over the top, pompous, traditional and quintessential Eurovision ballad. Sung in Italian of course with tons of amore, passione, sentimenti, sogni and lots of other mushy stuff. A status update on how the Italians feel about the latest developments within the European Union would also be great. Will the Euro prevail through the unfolding financial crisis? We’d opt for a song about this intriguing topic any day, so just bring it on!

We will keep an eye on the developments this evening as well as catching the third Melodifestivalen semi-final. We swore to stay away from the semi-finals, but tonight Eric Saade is on, so surely everyone will understand that it can’t be missed.

One of our favs from last night’s Sanremo Giovani show is Roberto Amade’. Let it rain!

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