Georgia hits rock bottom?

Anybody who tuned in to watch the Georgian National Final earlier today care to tell us what the hell happened? One shouty, noisy, out of tune, rock number duly noted. And not to forget, spiced up with something we suspect is meant to be a cool guy rapping, which in every such occasion of course can’t be anything else than an epic fail. Oh, Lord.

Let’s hope the Georgians will find a way to improve and revamp this number, we might suggest replacing the backing band, the vocalist and yeah, remove the rapping dork, but that goes without saying. We refuse to review the song until desperate measures have been taken to save the country, that has been getting along perfectly fine in ESC up until now, from painful humiliation. Let’s not forget that last year’s participant from Georgia didn’t exactly look so swell from the beginning either. Most people were astonished by how wonderful Sofia’s Shiny ballad turned out in the end. But this year’s number. We think it’s beyond saving.

And btw, dear Georgian Minister of Cultural Affairs, if you read this, don’t be mad and please invite the GEE squad to your party in Düsseldorf. We had such a blast in Oslo last year and we promise to be nice and behave reasonably decent!

Look what the cat dragged in, it's Eldrine, this year's Eurovision participants from Georgia!

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