Slovakia thinks twice

Slovakia caused a bit of commotion this year as to whether they would participate in ESC 2011 or not. First they were in, then they were out and then they changed their minds again, announcing that what the heck, lets give it another shot. And the more the merrier of course, we’re glad they reached the right decision in the end. We think Slovakia’s entry last year was brilliant, such a shame it didn’t work out as Kristina unfortunately failed to live up to the expectations by delivering a rather bleak live performance ruining Slovakia’s chances of reaching the final.

But last year’s effort got our hopes up on behalf of the Slovaks, after a patchy history of on and offs appearances they were really on to something. Our high hopes were of course crushed earlier today when the national broadcaster RTVS announced that the duo TWiiNS will be representing Slovakia in Düsseldorf with the song I’m still alive. And yeah we know, it might be a tiny tad premature to get all judgmental before we have even heard the song, but come on people, we are dying over here. If you remember the Czech Republic’s entry from 2008, and we don’t blame you if you don’t cause it was so bloody awful it is better left forgotten, you have seen these girls before as backing singers for Tereza Kerndlová. We can’t see how being dressed like hookers and not hitting one single note correctly would qualify you for representing yet another country in Eurovision, but hey that’s just us. We suppose we should be nice and give them another chance to at least perform their song first, before we go all ballistic.

And in case you wonder about the lame name, yes they are twins. We are sure Jedward would be thrilled about the prospect of hooking up in Düsseldorf.

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