Germany 2012 as well?

You know, we are sometimes really bored by national finals consisting of one artist singing several songs for the voters to choose from. We just cannot see why people would watch it and call it entertainment. It is like working in a record company.

But then there’s watching Lena Meyer Landrut. And seriously: Who would watch any other artist when there’s Lena to be watched? Looking like a crossover between Natalie Portman and Ellen Page, she has developed some star qualities. The German first lady is beautiful, heartfelt, foxy and trendy. Besides Lena has become quite a singer in a year with her sore, yet incredibly strong voice. We really do get why the Germans want her again.

Moreover it seems perfectlty clear Germany is trying to surf on the new British wave of strong, cool women like Marina and the Diamonds, Florence and the Machine and Lily Allen. Not a bad choice,  as those are the women we’d opt for in any occasion. It really brings something new and refreshing into Eurovision.

Still, there are six songs to choose from. And they are not of the same quality. Here is the judgement of the GEE jury:

When What happened to Me started playing, we were like ‘Cool. Good stuff’. But sorry, that lasted for like two seconds before we got that Flashdance flashback. Or 90s flashback. Or whatever flashback that is not good, but entirely boring and not to be mentioned any further. Let’s forget about it.

Push Forward is a beautiful ballad, and GEE do appreciate those. However, it does run a bit on the boring side, so we’d opt for one of the others. But still, won’t be bad for Düsseldorf this one either.

Mama Told Me is really suffering from that wannabe The Commitments Syndrom. And since The Commitments is one of those things GEE girls really would have been happy to have missed, the wannabes are really something queen Lena should be spared of. We do hope Germany feels the same way.

A Million and One is the most Lily Allenish song of them all. And that’s not a bad thing. It also shows off a lot of Lena’s great talent. And why she would be the one to pull off the next Johnny Logan.

Taken by a stranger is probably our favorite. This is good stuff, peepz. Not at all like Eurovision, but still like some of the best music we know. This could be played in any dark club anywhere. And preferrably wherever we are. It’s sexy, sofisticated and professional. It makes Lena shine like no one else can. And if she’ll wear that outfit, we’ll be in the front row. For sure.

Maybe is also the kind of song we would listen to any time of the day. This is Nellie McCay revisited. Could be chocolate or banana, we don’t care. As long as we get this one, we would return to Germany in 2012. For sure. Let’s put it in our budget allready.

Oh well, there’s a lot to be said. And we’re really excited about the German final. But then again not. Because Lena, she really can do anything. And she’s way ahead of most people whatever she sings. So we guess we will be happy about any choice. Still – good job on finding those fab song writers, Germany. And good on you for being unconventional. We need that sometimes. And we’d for sure buy Lena’s record.

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