Poland next in line, national final tonight

Ok, turns out the first super weekend isn’t quite over yet, cause whatta you know, apparently Poland figured that Monday would be the perfect day to pick their next Eurovision entry. And why not, it might have been a good idea for all the national finals across Europe to be evenly spread out throughout the entire week. It would make it a lot easier for the average Eurovision fan to catch up on the latest developments. On the other hand, then we would seriously not have a life, it’s bad enough already being glued to the telly and 2-3 laptops every weekend during the most hectic NF season.

But back to Poland, after our favorite Polish bloke Marcin crashed and burned in the first semi-final last year, we are curious to find out who’s in pole position to carry on the torch and make the next effort of bringing the Eurovision Song Contest to Poland for the first time.

The line-up for tonight’s final as follows:

•    Magdalena Tul – Jestem
•    Anna Gogola – Ktos taki jak ty
•    Roan – Maybe
•    SheMoans – Supergirl
•    Ajda Fijal – Hot like fire
•    IKA – Say
•    The Trash – Things go better with rock
•    Alizma – Bow to the bow
•    Formula RC – Ja, ty i ty i ja
•    ZoSia – Scream out louder

After a quick flip through of all the entries on YouTube we can roughly divide them into two categories, guys in noisy rock bands and pretty girls with upbeat, poppy songs. Not one fluffy ballad in sight, and after sending a couple of those during the last few years without coming anywhere near the top of the scoreboard we suppose this shows that the Poles are trying to learn from previous mistakes. Few of the numbers really stand out, and most of them sound quite dated. However it is hard to judge on the basis of only clips uploaded on YouTube, some of them of a rather dubious quality and what might seem like a rather boring song to begin with can be fireworks live on stage. And the other way around of course, let’s say if any of these pretty girls can’t sing or carry a tone.

The chorus of SheMoans’ Supergirl must be the the biggest rip-off so far of Lady Gaga’s monster hit Pokerface, we can’t believe it if they actually get away with it. This song is somehow connected to the Polish edition of Top Model (our lack of Polish language proficiency prevented us in investigating this link any further), so we suppose that their performance tonight will be very fashionable. ZoSia flaunts what sounds to be one of the more modern entries with a contemporary electro beat. Not sure how she will manage to carry out this live, since this is usually a demanding genre to recreate from a studio recording. Roan is the best rock band out of the bunch and sounds like something coming out of the live music scene clubs and bar joints aiming at keeping all the indie hipsters worldwide occupied and happy hanging out having their weekly 30-40 or so pints. Except the fact that these hipsters would of course despise a band for doing the whole ESC thing, cause that is just so uncool.

And then there’s Magdalena Tul who’s favorite to win with her very Eurovision worthy floor stomper Jestem. She has made a fancy promo video for her entry and she does of course look fab and we’re guessing she’s pretty confident she’ll win with this taylor made number. We’ll have to wait to see it live to decide whether we like it or not. We are not completely dismissing it, but let’s just see if she wins first before we continue down that trail.

Happy voting for the Poles tonight and btw, now we have actually managed to post two blogposts today with not one single Valentine’s reference. Feeling quite smug about just that to be honest.


    1. Hey Aga! Magda’s live performance in the final was actually quite good, strong vocals. The song will most definitely become a fan favorite we think. We will have to wait for the other songs to able to see whether it has a chance of making it past the semi-final. The best of luck to Magda and Poland!

  1. Thank you very much! Tell me, do you prefer her to sing this song in polish or english? It was a difficult decision for her;)

  2. How do you like english version? She wanted to sing in English in Germany,but polish fans didn’t let her:) It’ll be in polish:) And by the way…lyrics in polish version are totally different that in english… In polish there’s nothing about ticket to heaven xD

    1. It sounds a bit strange to make completely new lyrics instead of translating it to keep it as similar as possible to the original. We don’t like the English version and think it’s fantastic that the artist has decided to listen to the fans and keep it in Polish. We don’t think she will regret it!

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