MGP finals in Oslo – live blog

Yo pretty ladies (and gents) around the world. MGP finals is on in less than an hour. GEE is all super excited, cheering for Stella – and a tiny tad for all the others as well. We will be live blogging from this page. So keep hitting that F5.

1915: The seven o clock news reports from Spectrum and all the happy people. Almost as important as Egypt, that.

1921: We’re having bright pink drinks that taste like HubaBuba. Originally made for young teens, just like MGP. Perfect.

1958: Look, there’s Nora and Rybak! Ah, love those people!

1959: WHAT’S going on? This is noisy and messy, man.

2001: OK, Per Sundnes dancing and slapping his ass is kinda fun

2000: It’s official. Norway is not good on acting.

2001: NOT digging that dress on Anne Rimmen. Did she steal Åse Klevland’s dress or what? And did they not fire the hair dresser yet?

2004: Helene Bøksle is super nice and super boring. Just like any blondehead from around Kristiansand.

2010: Loving the laser beams and the kettle drums, but can’t even begin to imagine what will happen when people are supposed to sing along to this.

2012: Hopig the phone system will break down for about the next three minutes… Sie Gubba would enjoy a trip to Germany they say, we can reccommend the ferry from Oslo to Kiel for that. That’s where they’ll meet like mindend people

2013: Sie Gubba reminds us of the parties back in Trøndelag in the 90s. That is NOT something to be remembered.

2016: Oh no, more old men. Dear wet panties of Norway. The singer in Babel Fish is NOT a handsome man

2021: Yay, here’s a our fav rockabillies from Lucky Bullets. Finally something good.

2022: Still wondering what’s up with “Fire down below”, though. Sounds a bit like chlamydia. Let’s hope that’s not what they mean.

2024: Hello foxy saxophone chick. We are in love with you and your shaking boobs.

2025: Trying to spot our favorite Schlagerboys in the crowd.

2025: Surprise, surprise, Per choose to talk to Helene Bøksle. And they talk about her big boobs.

2026: Bedhair on Babel fish singer. Who the fuck took him to bed? Uncongratulations.

2027: Please, Anne Rimmen, go back to the Finnmark run.

2032: Dear foxy singer of BlackSheeps. Please choose another song next time. Because then we will officially love you.

2033: Here’s Stella. Yaaaaayyyyy!

2035: The female counterpart of Tshawe from Madcon! And that cannot be a bad thing!

2037: Jesus, you are foxy, woman. We so wish we were lesbos.

2038: It’s 6 to 26600, peepz. VOTE!

2039: Get ready for puking on stage. Here’s Åste & Rikke

2040: Best hairdo in MGP on stage now

2041: We just wish they’d bother to coordinate their outfits before going on stage….

2048: Just been to pee. Did we miss something?

2048: Oh, well. Hanne’s melody should perhaps just stay on the radio…

2058: OMG, there’s Schlagerboys! Hello friends!

2101: Yay, Anne has a new dress!

2103: Yay, BlackSheeps in the golden final. Thank you tweens.

2108: Oh no, Sie Gubba one more time. When will we get rid of them?


2111: If Sie Gubba wins, we will get seriously drunk.  And blame tomorrow on them.

2113: Yay, Stella is in the golden final. We are almost as relieved as Fabian Stang.

2114: Per Sundnes is more afraid Helene won’t make it to the final than she is.

2116: Stella, you can be anything you want to.

2120: Damn, we are starting to believe in the Norwegian people as The Lucky Bullets are in the golden final. Only one in this final we will be embarassed to take to Düsseldorff now. And two participants were lucky losers. Cool.

2121: Per is very disappointed about Helene not making it. Good night and good luck, man.

2124: We’re so afraid Sie Gubba might win our nails are all gone.

2129: Jesus, this is embarrasing. We are so happy Norway won’t deliever the entertainment during the break of Eurovision.

2135: WTF is up with gregorian chant in the break? Is that Norwegian? No. Do we like it? Definetly not. And jeez, there’s Didrik as one of the gregorian chanters. Man, that hurts.

2140: Really happy to see Oslo Faggot Choir, though. Love them. And their change from black to white. Thank you Michael Jackson for inspiration.

2142: Lucky Bullets and Stella got the most of the votes of Spektrum. Thank you!

2143: Hello, Tor Endresen. We love you. BlackSheeps in the lead before Stella now.

2146: You wish Sarpsborg. Namsos is the rock city of Norway.

2147: Stella in the lead before BlackSheeps when all juries have voted.

2148: We’re so happy most people live in Oslo, not Trøndelag when it comes to SMS voting.

2150: More than twice as much votes for Stella than others from Northern Norway. Thank you, we love you.

2151: And Stella is the winner. We love Norway. We will never judge Norwegians again. Thank you, our dear dear country. We look forward to sharing this with Europe.

2202:  Per Sundnes seems diasppointed. Quit sobbing for Helene, man. This is real stuff. Good night and good luck.

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