Hujaza kibaba for Stella!

Ok, after trashing all those Norwegians in the semi finals, we really have to give in a little. Because we are truly, madly, deeply in love with this woman:

Dear Stella Mwangi. We are can’t even begin to describe how happy we are you showed up.You are one funky chicken, and if we didn’t enjoy Senegalese music enough already, we now officialy love it. And won’t you take a look at the outfit from the semi final, people? That catsuit slash shorts slash skirt thingy is probably the coolest thing that has ever been to Skien. We mean, who says your legs actually have to go through the skirt? Not Stella, that’s for sure. She just leaves it behind. Also, it is very good for showing off Stella’s admirable killer bod, to be admired by GEE forever as we hit our spinning classes.

We are now actually looking forward to the final this Saturday. And can you please promise us the Norwegian Kenyan will win over WannabefairyHelene? Because we are not sure yet, and it would really break our heart to see Stella go. Can you please remember that when you hit your cell?

Haba Haba Hujaza Kibaba!

(You can practice the dance, btw. Click here for intructions).


  1. Greetings from Serbia! 😉
    Love it. It’s a bit “waka-waka”ish, but who cares. She’s awesome. Best of luck, Stella.
    And as for me, Norway – 12 points. 😉

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