What's cooking in the state of Denmark?

Last Thursday, the GEE-girl whom is currently stationed in Copenhagen attended broadcaster DR’s press conference where the ten acts to compete in the Danish national final DMGP were revealed and presented. We still struggle coming to terms with the rubbish song they scored a 4th place with last year, however being in a reasonably forgiving mood we must admit that we’re très excited about what’s on the Danish smorgasbord this year. After all we will be on front row seats in Ballerup Super Arena in a few weeks time, we need to find a favorite to cheer for!

We know you’re already up to speed by now on who’s on and who’s not and who’s lurking behind the scenes as song writers and such, so we won’t bore you with all the details. This is more of an account of our first impressions and what we think about the 2011 edition of DMGP so far, which we of course believe people will find most interesting!

During the press meeting as the different artists and song writers were presented from the podium, a slight murmur broke out among the journalists, bloggers and fans present. Concerned looks were exchanged, telling us something along the lines of “WhoTF is that?”, “What’s he/she/they doing here?” “Where are all the Danes, where is Birthe Kjær, for crying out loud!”. Because this year’s line-up truly is international, both off and on stage.

These are the selected artists (running order is not decided yet):

A Friend in London
 – New Tomorrow
Anne Noa – Sleepless
Christopher Brandt
 – Emma
 – Drømmen
Jenny Berggren – Let Your Heart Be Mine
Kat and Justin Hopkins – Black and Blue
Lee Hutton – Hollywood Girl
Le Freak – 25 Hours a Day
Sine Vig
 – You’ll Get Me Through
Stine Kinck – Hvad hjertet lever af

The always annoying Swede and Schlager Guru Thomas G:son has his sticky fingers attached to two of the numbers, performed by Le Freak and the former superstar Jenny Berggren from the 90s supergroup Ace of Base. A bunch of other Swedish middle aged men were presented as composers and lyricists behind quite a few of the other numbers as well, but we can’t remember their names. And then there’s this British bloke, Lee Hutton who’s popular in Ireland apparently. A couple of sturdy Danish household names are perhaps missing, but we guess there’s nothing wrong with a fresh and new approach, and while some of the artists looked extremely boring, like Sine Vig, others clearly have potential, like A Friend in London and first and foremost Stine Kinck, sporting fabulous big hair and the most wicked outfit of the day.

We are of course curious about what Jenny Berggren will dish up, but at the moment we are not overly optimistic. At the press meeting, she didn’t quite seem to grasp the fact that her former stardom has a great emphasis on former and she was waltzing around looking more like a grumpy late-30-something, whom we easily could have mistaken for one of those awful housewives spending way too much time and effort blogging about their perfect homes and kids and husbands and diets and exercise regimes and God knows what. Perhaps she’s the most likable and heart-warm person ever coming out of Sweden, but for now she’s hiding it all too well. It wouldn’t hurt to cheer up a tiny tad and enjoy the moment, we got more than our share of cold and stuck up farts representing Denmark last year.

Let’s wait to pass our judgement any further until we get to listen to the songs first. Not even snippets were played during the presentation and it was a bit like having cake, without being allowed to eat it. Luckily there were free food and champagne, so digging into the buffet afterwards served as a fair enough consolation.

For the time being we are most exited about Stine Kinck. She’s to perform Hvad hjertet lever af and could assure us that she has an inner Dragqueen waiting to be unleashed and that she will put on quite a show in Ballerup Super Arena. Hurrah, we can hardly wait!

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