Retro Sunday: Norway 1984

After quite a tiresome period of semi finals in Norway, we really have to bring you this:

We mean, we were getting completely delusional over here, thinking Norway can’t do anything right. We just seem to be splurging on cheer leaders, opera wannabes, grown boybands, old farmers and acnecious teenage boys in desperate need of haircuts thinking they’re Justin Bieber these days. Sorry to be blunt, but man, that hurts.

But dear friends. Just in case you watched some of the semi finals: We promise, promise, promise there have been times when we weren’t this boring. There was a 1984 of the glorious Dollie De Luxe. A 1984 of dressing up in hillarious clothing, tied up hair in weird places and killer sandals while being watched by four dark somethings up on a podium. That year when everyone started walking back and forth with large steps swinging their arms resolutely from side to side without looking at all like soldiers, just like happy, crazy chicks. We Norwegians actually did that too, and we’re oh, so proud of it. Aren’t you?

Guess Orwell was all wrong about 1984, because those were the days, we tell you. We wanted our lives and hopes to last forever, and we were just happy joy joy people. Ok, so we didn’t win that year. But we did good. Much better than now. We believed in ourselves. And everyone’s still in love with Benedicte Adrian. 1984 FTW!

PS We are seriously suggesting NRK introduces affirmative action into the semi finals next yer. Because way too many boring men make it to the final it seems. And it’s the women who do the trick, there as other places in society. At least we’re really happy Stella Mwangi is in the final. She’s our hope when it comes to evoking the glory of the 80s. Haba haba!

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