MGP, lucky losers semi-final: Live blog

19.45: Update before the final starts. The audience is, surprise surprise, ready. Anne’s dress does not seem to fit.
19.46: A little chance to win a million before the MGP starts on NRK. In case you’re wondering, this final is for the lucky losers from the other semi finals. We’re not that optimistic about the quality, but yay to seeing Gata’s parlament again.
19.55: And we’re in. Not overly excited about this.
19:56: Look, there’s the trailer. It’s not stolen after all!
19:57: Dear Anne with an e, what happened? Your hair disappeared and your bod is popping out of your dress any minute now. Oh, we wish you at least knew how to be funny and charming.
19:59: Oh so THAT’s how Sarpsborg looks like. And here we were really hoping that song was one of the entries.
20:03: Do we really need to hear Pernille & Marius again? FML.
20:04: Here’s a couple of teenagers showing up wanting us to use them. Nothing new there. But guess they’re charming enough. Unlike most other participants this year. Can someone tell them about MGP Junior, maybe?
20:07: Who told these guys eyes are not allowed on MGP, but should be covered under a lot of hair? Not a good hint.
20:08: Lads and gents, you can pee now. It’s time for Pernille & Marius.
20:09: Really liking Marius’ shirt. Oh yes. Trying to focus on that.
20:11: Enter cheerleading, exit GEE sympathy.
20:13: And we’re officially totally embarassed by NRK’s way of trying to get poor teenagers to vote as much as possible. They should never ever pay their TV license money when they grow up.
20:15: Oh, look, there’s a band your grandpa might have gathered from the recycling container. It’s Sie Gubba.
20:20: Remind us again, who is that blonde chick blabbering away between songs and how did she get that job?
20:21: Dear Mimi Blix: We’re sure your hands are so much prettier than those latex gloves. You can’t even use your iPhone with those, let alone perform a decent MGP song. And you know, many people are actually allergic to latex, including GEE.
20:23: Why DID all MGP artists decide on bringing back 2Unlimited? They are best left alone, we can ensure you.
20:24: Sie Gubba ensures us they never would have done the same as Mimi Blix when they were 19. Thank you, we are really relieved. Although this might have been more in fashion then.
20:26: Now we have teenagers and a recycled band in the semi-final of the semi-final. Ok, then.
20:28: Finally some decent guys. Here’s Gatas Parlament. Good stuff, and we’re not sure whether we’d like to ride that elephant or them.
20:29: Please, people, if you are to spend your cell phone bill on this competition, now’s the time.
20:32: Enter brylcreme. We do like brylcreme, we have to say. But we’re afraid these lucky bullets seem a little bit misplaced after all. But man, that sailor woman sure knows how to play a saxophone.
20:38: The Lucky Bullets won the duel. Oh, well. As long as the sailor woman’s in.
20:40: Getting ready to be cougars again. Here’s Endre.
20:44: Guess a little metal is needed in every MGP-final. And for that Susperia is not a bad option. This is at least decent music.
20:49: Susperia is the last participant for the semi-final of the semi-final. Jeez, we have to listen to four of the artists one more time. We’re on a brake until 21:30. See you then, peepz.
21:30: We’re back for the semi-final of the semi-final of the lucky losers of the other semi-finals. There’s Use Me, Sie Gubba, Lucky Bullets and Susperia to be played again. Jeez, what’s up with male supremacy? Do we need to introduce affirmative action?
21:31: Since Anne’s dress didn’t pop yet, we might as well admit we did like that shoulder thing.
21:35: Teenagers vs recycling guys. Definetly going for younger rather than older. The former at least know their rhymes.
21:37: Is that guy in the leather jacket actually handsome? Or are we just starting to starv?
21:39: “Soon we will hear a new song”, Anne says. Wow, impressive sharing of information.
21:40: We’re really, really sorry to inform you that we think Sie Gubba will show up in Spektrum.
21:43: Hint to hair dresser of Sie Gubba’s lead singer: A little bit shorter in the neck next time.
21:46: Still wondering where the saxophonist of The Lucky Bullets got her shorts. And if we can borrow them for Düsseldorf. Since she won’t be going.
21:50: This “spontaneous” singing of Voi Voi is truly embarassing. Please stop.
21:57: Wow, naked male butts on TV. Not that interesting really. More like a way too obvious proposal to the gay crowd.
22:02: Wow, when did Maria Haukaas-Mittet turn into a crazy bride from the 80s? That dress is not flattering.
22:05: Although they are good singers, this intermission entry feels a bit like when Whitch Whitch flopped on West End.
22:10: Oh no, we have to hear Sie Gubba ONE MORE time. FML FML FML.
22:12: Wow, we actually have The Lucky Bullets in the final. That’s cool, peepz. See you in Spektrum. And at the after party, for sure.

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