San Marino is back in the game

It would be a shame to claim that this tiny republic enclaved in Italy has been dearly missed i Eurovision. In fact, if you blinked a couple of times during the broadcast of the 2008 edition of ESC you might actually have missed them entirely. Still, we care about their return and welcome them back into the fold with open arms and great enthusiasm. Because their participation does matter, it adds even more flavor and diversity to the competition, it’s one more act to review and discuss, hate or love. And there’s also a good chance for even one more song to be sung in Italian which can only be a good thing.

The Sammarinese broadcaster SMRTV will announce the artist and the song to be performed during a press conference tomorrow, February 3. There is of course frantic speculations on the various fan forums on who that might be, and a vast majority calls out for Paola & Chiara. Which would not be a bad choice. We can’t say that we are as familiar with the Sammarinese music scene to be able to contribute with any qualified guesses in these speculations, but it suddenly hit us that it might be Glenys Vargas. After all she is located in Rome, she’s on the search for a country to represent, and we figure she is bound to be well connected in that corner of Europe. So that must be our best bet, but let’s wait and see tomorrow!

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  1. A decision was announced by San Marino’s broadcaster. The enterant for San Marino is Senit. The artist will present her internally chosen song in the coming weeks.

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