Glenys Vargas for Eurovision 2011?

Remember the foxy choir chick behind Albania’s Juliana Pasha on stage in Oslo? We remember thinking she didn’t look very Albanian, and it turns out she’s far from it. Check out the story behind why Albania ended up having three American backing singers on stage, on Glenys Vargas’ blog, and yes it’s her in the middle:

This could have been the end to an interesting story, and it sure is entertaining to get some juicy gossip on Glenys’ blog from behind the scenes from an “outsider gone insider’s” view. We are very sorry that we didn’t get to meet her in Oslo as she sounds like heaps of fun to hang out with.

However, now it seems like the story will continue so let’s join Glenys in Part 2 of her exciting Eurovision adventure. During her experience in Oslo, the native born New Yorker Glenys grew to become a huge Eurovision fan, and we certainly like the ring of that! It just proves to show the universal appeal of this wonderful contest. We already know how crazy the Australians are about Eurovision, a special relationship we learned a whole lot about after reading this nicely penned article on ESCInsight. And we have been told that there’s a growing interest across the pond as well.

Glenys is for the time being based in Rome, Italy and recently we found out that she has started her search for a country to represent in next year’s contest in Düsseldorf, this time as a lead singer. How cool is that? She tried out for Austria first together with London based rapper Kevin Ettienne, but unfortunately none of their entries were among the lucky 30 when the selection got narrowed down first time around. However Glenys is not going to give in that easy and she’s having another shot trying to become picked up by other countries’ selection rounds and we are of course crossing our fingers hoping she will succeed.

One of the songs she entered the Austrian selection with, “Let the Music Unite Us”, Glenys wrote especially with Eurovision in mind and she describes it as a song that makes you dance. It has a pop beat with some world music influences and a touch of David Guetta style plus a Jamaican rap. Although it wasn’t picked up by the Austrians we have a feeling that it perhaps will pop up somewhere else since it has been revealed through Glenys’ fanpage on Facebook that she has shot a video for this song which includes a Flash Mob from Rome. Sounds very exciting and like a nice Eurovision tribute to the pan European Flash Mob we all danced along to some months ago in Oslo.

We have no idea whether Glenys will make it to Düsseldorf as an artist this year, but we love her for trying and for sharing the passion with us. We wish her the very best of luck and recommend our readers to check out Glenys’ Facebook page, to find out more and support her in her quest of finding a country to represent in ESC. Besides, if you are curious about the Flash Mob music video it will be posted there tomorrow!


  1. >You are very welcome, Glenys! We are only happy to be able to give you some well deserved attention, and let you know that we support you. We love the flash mob video, and the song! May your determination, hard work and passion for music lead you all the way to the top, starting with Düsseldorf:-)Hugs from A&G

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