GEE to the rescue!

Norway is rapidly approaching a national crisis as someone actually stole the MGP stage a couple of minutes ago. GEE will of course help, but first we have to say: Wow, that is one huge effort stealing an entire stage. Kudos to you, robbers. Second we would like to scream: Shame on you, bad boy! And then last, but not least: We know the police won’t have time for solving this, because they don’t have time for anything but complaining about the lack of time and money in this country. That’s why it’s so fortunate that you are in posession of two crime solving GEE chicks on speed dial in this neighbourhood of Europe.

As for now we have figured out a couple of solutions for you:

  1. Namsos stole it. They are after all the one and only Rock City in this country. And stealing a stage to be able to host the last MGP semifinal is a very rocknrollish way of doing things. Kudos if that’s the solution, we’d say, and we already booked Widerøe and Namdalsavisa for you, Per.
  2. Armenia stole it. We did after all tell them we’d like them to do our country finals as well, since they are actually capable of making good Eurovision songs. And you know how badly half jokes translate.
  3. Alexander Stenerud took it home. He suddenly remembered he is the only one in this country who totally owns the MGP stage. So why would anyone else drag it around?

Oh, well, those are the theories we are working on for now. But there could be more to this, and please give any clues you might have to the GEE hotline.

And stay tuned for the next episode of GEE and the mystery of the disappearing stage.


  1. >Hilarious! Have you solved the crime yet, girls? "Stealing the stage" gets a whole different meaning over there, doesn't it? Maybe it's one of the Icelandic migrants/travel workers who really want RÚV to get a new (read: better, bigger, more glamurous)set for the NF!All the best, Eyrún

  2. >Since the trailer was found well on its way to Denmark, Guri accuses Astrid (who lives in Copenhagen now) of being behind this hideous crime, hehe. And judging by the rather bland feedback last years' ESC stage in Telenor Arena got, we're surprised anyone thinks this gear is really worth having. And oh, a blogpost with our review of the 7 contenders in the Icelandic national final is soon coming so stay tuned!Big hugs from A&G

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