Our condolences to the Dutch

The Dutch will select their entry for Düsseldorf tonight, which are to be performed by the boyband, or should we rather say manband, 3js. What’s up with all these manbands anyways, we’re starting to fear that Düsseldorf will end up as male thirty something clinging to their youth convention.

Like Blue in the UK, 3js was selected internally by the national broadcaster TROS, however the Dutch public will partly be allowed to have their say, as five songs have been singled out through some sort of reality-show or docu-soap, if we are not completely mistaken.

We have a really hard time understanding the Dutch and their taste in music. Having visited this otherwise lovely country at several occasions we have been constantly reminded of this fact when trying to find a decent bar or pub to hang out without having our ears raped with god-awful oontz-oontz beats or some horrific ompa-ompa yodeling. We mean, WTF is up with that? Get a grip and welcome to 2011, Stroopwafels!

Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to happen anytime soon, at least not on the ESC scene. After listening to snippets of the five selected songs for tonight’s final our ears hurt like hell and we kinda hope that the Dutch will come to their senses and just cancel this year’s participation and stay at home. Because newsflash, none of these songs seem to have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever making it past the semi-final.

Do you think we’re being to harsh on the poor buggers? Well, have a listen yourself and you tell us:

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