Second MGP semi-final coming up

All right, then. Another Norwegian semi-final coming up and time for us to get judgmental. Today we’ve been such organized bitches and listened to all the song in the right order. Not so much good stuff going on, but a little. Here are the votes of the GEE jury:

Pernille og Marius: I’ll Be Yours
Let’s just be perfectly clear: If you are, say, a Eurovision artist and want to be loved by GEE bloggers, there’s a couple of factors that automatically will disqualify. Probably the safest route to that little space of horror and forgotten wannabes would be the use of sentences like “every time you’re around” and “when I’m with you, I feel the rush” and “I wanna be your love” and “From head to my toes, I wanna be yours”. In fact we’d even send people who can make themselves utter “I’ll be yours forever more” out of the country, the planet and this solar system in general. The song has got plenty of annoying drum machines and other stuff for us to trash, but we just can’t get past the lyrics. Sorry, peepz.

Babel Fish: Depend on me
Babel Fish is back. But the only translation we get is that of adapting Boyzone to a new century. Now that’s something we do not need. Still quite charming old lads, this, and we actually enjoyed the song for the first quarter of a second. Not bad for such a dire tune. It’s not off the beaten track, it’s right in the middle, and that’s not where we enjoy spending our time. On that you can depend. Traduttore, traditore.

Marika: Hungry for you
You know trends tend to arrive late in our country. But finally some gypsy chick came calling even here. And yay to that. Because we absolutely love Marika’s Hungry for you. Could be due to the fact that she continued a striking combination of the Opa! and Milan Stankovic into 2011, but at least she does it in her own way. We can’t wait for this to enter the stage of Florø. Because we’re sure she can dance and at least her utterance “If you wanna be with me, you’ve got to drink with me” is the ultimate bull’s eye. We can even forgive the woman for the 2 Unlimited ending. We’re hungry for more.

Isabella: Sand
Oh no, someone remembered 4 Non Blondes and turned them into one blonde. Not working, people. After all, there was a reason for the NON blondes. This is one of those songs that try a little bit of everything along the way. Midway you find yourself asking “Is this still the same song? Is it good? What is it like, exactly? Isn’t it way too long? What the hell is going on? Did I miss something?” Well, don’t worry, our friend. We can tell you this one is better off missed. Time to pee. But one thing is for sure: Isabella will write your name down in sand. Good night and good luck with that, hon.

Endre: Oh, oh puppy love
Oh no, puppy love. We’d hate this song just for the title. Problem is we don’t. How is that even possible? Don’t even think it’s due to those teasing eyes of Endre, because we haven’t had time to study them. Maybe we just think he deserves to be in love. And we do digg those rhytms. This is simple, straightforward entertainment, thus easy to like. Even though we know we shouldn’t.

Hanne Sørvaag: You’re like a melody
Hanne Sørvaag is one of our fav Norwegian Eurovision sweethearts. That’s why we hate ourselves a little bit for hating this. Well maybe not hating, it’s way too futile and anonymous for that. This is not like our favorite song at all. It’s like any other melody. And for that she deserves to be punished. Even though she can sing.

Mimi Blix: Allergic
Oh, honey. You really are one beautiful chick with a funny name. And we can’t even believe the news telling us you never had a boyfriend. That’s why we’d love to party with you in Germany. But the song, baby, the song. Here’s a piece of advice for you: Quit music. Stick to your drumsticks. And keep posing. But no sound, please. No sound.

So, what is our overall opinion, exactly? Have to say, this is not the best of semi-finals. And our hopes are not that high for the MGP-final in general after listening our way through two semi-finals. But dearest Marika, we do thank you. You will make tonight’s hour of television worthwile. And we will keep our SMS skills ready. See you in Spectrum, hon!

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