MGP, second semi-final: Live blog

20:00: There’s Anne? Or is it? Love the dress, absolutely hate the hair. She looks like…erm, can’t really figure out what she looks like.
20.02: Look, there’s Ovi! Good stuff!
20:03: Per Sundnes blabbering away.
20:04: We just can’t believe Ovi wrote that garbage song.
20:06: Man, that bloke is on steroids.
20:07: Oh, but do we love Pernille’s dress! And the song is a little better allthough lyrics still hurt.
20.08: We take that back as Pernille just turned into a cheerleader. And WHAT’s up with that gang in the background?
20:09: Jeez, Anne Rimmen, you are one boring chick for looking so good.
20.10: When did Per turn into a ranger? A gay man should know how to look a little bit better when chatting up four swell blokes like that.
20:12: What’s up with standing inside a house? We’re still not loving this. Gawd, please make ’em stop.
20.13: You are not dependable, man. Really aren’t. Cut your hair.
20.15: Finally Marika. But man, that dog is annoying.
20:17: Oooh, love the hat and the skirt. Really feel sorry for the man stuck inside a picture frame, though. 20:20: Quele quele opa, man. This is all of Eurovision captured in one song. Just like it should be. Go girl!
20:20: Oh no, 2 Unlimited again.
20:21: Christians coming through. We’re happy Isabella do not aim for the new Bjørn Eidsvåg position. One is more than enough.
20:24: That is one horrible outfit. Suits the song.
20:25: OMG, FORGET about that sand, will you?
20:27: Anne Rimmen still giving us very shocking information: We have now listened to four songs.
20:29: WHO cut Endre’s hair? Please fire that hairdresser.
20:31: Take your jacket off, man. You’re inside.
20:31: Please tell us we do not have four aerobic people in the background there
20:32: Still enjoying this. Kinda embarassing. And feeling a little cougarish.
20:34: Thank you Justin Bieber, see you in Spectrum.
20:35: Not looking forward to this. Hanne is so lovely, but the song really isn’t
20:36: Omg, that lovely, lovely dress. Please don’t start singing. Please, please, please….
20:37: Is this Anna Bergendal’s mother? The catastrophy is inevitable. Now we just wait for it to end.
20:39: We’re sure we can get you into p4, now stop.
20:42: Is MGP still on or did we accidentally switch to Top Model?
20:43: Baby, you are not all right. Nough said.
20:45: WHEN is this over?
20:46: We keep wondering if Anne’s hair is exported back to London. What happened there?
20: 47: Finished allready? But we haven’t heared anything we love yet. How is that possible?
20:49: We can’t understand who will win this. But as long as it’s not Isabella, we’ll survive.
20:49: Ready for Alexander Stenerud now. Our hearts start beating really fast. What number do we use for voting for him?
20:50: And omg, there’s Sigrid. She’s lovely. But can she really find a man in Florø? We think not.
20:51: Omg, there’s men in speedos!
20:52: Even firemen looks bad in Florø. Get out of there!
20:56: Look at us, Alexander! Over here! You know our heart is yours!  But you forgot to button your shirt, man.
20:57: Always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always we love you.
20:57: Oh, no. Cougar senior coming through.
20:59: Jeez, grandma Guri is one horrible chick. Get away from  Alexander!
20:59: Give it to us, baby!
21:02: Oh no, we’re not rid of Mimi Blix yet.
21:03: One more chance for Endre. Yay.
21:04: Get out of here! Who put Hanne in the final? WHY do we have to hear this one more time?
21:05: She’s cute and all, but the song, people? The song? Isn’t that important at all?
21:06: Oh, the horror, the horror!
21:08: Now we’re kinda happy Per Sundnes decided Helene Bøksle will win this year. Because that means this one won’t.
21:09: Starting to worry the Babelfishes will win
21:10: And they did. This is horrible!
21:11: FML, FML, FML, FML, FML, FML. Telly goes OFF. Good night.

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