First MGP Semi-Final: The Aftermath

One down, three to go (including Sistesjansen), and so far we don’t feel particularly shaken, nor stirred. Here’s a few observations on what went down at Ørlandet last night!

Best Copycat
Carina Dahl surprised us with a rather strong live performance, she actually can sing. Well done! Afterwards she entertained us with cheeky comments. Shows this girl has potential, but she should consider coming up with something of her own style for next time around. Lose the Cheryl Cole act and try something else than copying Kesha’s talk/singing which she in her turn stole from Uffie.

Cutest Doll
How old is Sichelle anyways? She says she’s 22, but we’re thinking more like 12. Perfect for JESC. She claims to be inspired by Aqua so we suppose that’s why she decided to go for the Barbie Doll look. She really is adorable, but perhaps she should consider coming back in say ten years time?

Prettiest nerve-wreck
Is it just us, or did Helene Bøksle look extremely nervous last night? She did look stunning on stage, we loved her classy frock and the laser beams behind her, not to mention the kettledrums! She’s one of the most experienced artists in the bunch, but perhaps the high expectations upfront brought her down. Shaky on the highest notes and moments of looking like a shit scared deer caught in the headlights. Better get your act straight before the big final Helene!

Biggest surprise
Could it really be that the voting public actually prefer talented, no nonsense, hardworking artists over fabricated, artificial wannabes? Yup, looks like it since Åste&Rikke apparently received by far most votes yesterday scoring a ticket to the final. We’re still a bit “Meh” towards the song, but it was touching to watch how genuinely happy these two became when their names were called up last.

Most boring zombie
Wake up Anne Rimmen, you’re on live TV!

Greatest disappointment
So how come this act did not proceed to the final? KoK featuring Alexander Rybak FTW!


  1. >We turned the sound down during the interval act. Looking forward to the other Alexander teaming up with Guri next week!And there had better be some more schlager as the song quality is a bit poor so far…

  2. >OMG, we're super excited about the other Alexander's interval act next Saturday! We do get the fact that KoK feat. Alexander Rybak does not agree with your Schlager standards, but so far it looks like Per Sundnes got the actual participants and the interval acts all mixed up, it should have been the other way around, in our opinion. The quality of the first semi was rather bland, fingers crossed for a stronger bunch in Florø and Skien!

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