Retro Sunday: France 1994

This has been one of these dull winter Sundays where we just want to curl up on the couch under a blanket with a nice cup of tea. But that’s not exactly a kick ass way to start the new year is it? We need some French girl (or guy?) power in this week’s Retro Sunday:

Oh those French, they really owned the Eurovision stage during the early 90s. We are amazed by how contemporary this number still sounds and looks, it could just as easily have been performed in Oslo last year. The energy and drive conveyed by Nina Morato puts us instantly in an exhilaratingly good mood and makes us want to take up kick-boxing or rugby as our new spare-time hobby. She kinda scares the shit out of us, walking around on stage like some crazy character from a Fatal Attraction-ish movie. Or perhaps with that top hat, something more surreal, like from some foreign film, as the Americans usually tend to refer to when they basically mean a French movie. We like!

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