And it is offcially confirmed, Alexander can dance!

What better to do on a Friday night than to tune in on the season premiere of the Swedish edition of Strictly Come Dancing? We don’t usually watch that much Swedish TV, but we’ll gladly give it a shot to watch our favorite fiddler swing his cute little tushy on the dancefloor. Can he charm his way into the uptight Swedes’ hearts? After all they did award Norway with their douze points when he performed his fairytale in Moscow, so if he manages to show them some decent moves and bite his tongue before he blurts out too much stupid stuff afterwards he might have a fair chance!

And he can dance alright! Alexander convinced the judges with a dashing English Waltz, and by that finishing the first round on the top of the scoreboard. No one will be kicked out of the competition during the first show, but it certainly looks like our buddy is off to a good start.

The rest of the participants is pretty much a bunch of people we have never heard about before so we’re obviously not that into the Swedish celebrity gossip columns, but we did detect a couple of good movers who might give Alexander a fair fight for the trophy. The actor Figge Norling and some kick ass rally racing chick named Tina Thörner (sic!) surprised us with being smooth and charming. Besides it also turns out that there’s a domestic Schlager Queen in the line-up, Jessica Andersson, part of the duo Fame which scored a 5th place for Sweden in ESC back in 2003. This is btw the very same duo our legendary Norwegian ESC commentator Jostein Pedersen referred to as “equally charming as a Ivar bookshelf from IKEA”. In our humble opinion it does at least look like Jessica has moved up a couple of steps on the furniture metaphor ladder. We’d say that she is now a reasonably comfy couch from Bolia.

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