Retro Sunday: Sweden 1993

Happy New Eurovision Year! After too many days of doing nothing except stuffing our faces with funny food and mulled wine, we almost forgot it’s Sunday today! And Sunday means yet another blast from the past, a tradition we will keep on going in 2011. A Swedish “Dansband” from the 90s will have the honor of launching the new year on our blog, and we don’t blame you for thinking we have gone completely bonkers:

Last year ended on a rather good note, when Romania chose their participant for ESC 2011. And when the real ESC season kicks off with national finals bonanza like every other day in February (Yay!) we will start posting our 2011 reviews.

Seconds after the Rumanian final had announced the winner (which btw lasted for like 3 days straight or something, you had to have a black belt in ESC to hang in there), the hardcore Eurovision fan community shortly concluded that this was a rip off of Arvingarna’s Eloise. Well, we see their point. And in our book that’s not exactly a good thing. So we’ll let you see for yourself, and do give us a shout and let us know what you think!

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