Retro Sunday: Ukraine 2007

Ah, Verka Serduchka. She is so caricatural she’s almost a parody on the parody. And do we love those kind of people? Oh yes. Seriously, no Ukraine has ever been this good at counting to seven in German:

If you don’t tap your feet even just a little to this, you’re either totally deaf or the Scissor Sisters. From the very first sieben, sieben this is a song you cannot ignore. You are forced to make a stand, either on the hateful or on the affectional side. We’re of course lovin it, mostly for what it represents. Verka offers us complete dedication, craziness and happiness. She is a doll in tin foil and does look like a silvery Christmas three with that bright star to top it off. Whatta woman. And we do want those shoes for New Years, mind you.

Also, please notice that gold clad man on accordion. His somewhat cool calmness is admirable amongst all those other nutcases. While the stewardess to our left is one smoking hot woman. Hips and breasts FTW! Guess there is nothing more to say here than Lasha tumbai. And yeah, of course: Ein, zwei, drei, Tanzen!

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