Retro Sunday: Yugoslavia 1965

It’s sunday and only a couple of weeks before Christmas. Time to be nostalgic:

Oh, don’t you just long for those times when the world was presented to you in in shades of black, white and grey? When the men were as classical as the music with their bowties and tenor voices, there still was a country named Yugoslavia and the Philarmonic orchestra gave you the perfect background music? Well, then we guess you long for Vice Vukov.

Vice is the Dean Martin of Eurovision and Eastern Europe with his intensity and style, singing a beautiful ballad. We have absolutely no idea what it’s about, and that just adds to the charm. Apart from that, this isn’t exactly a song to remember, but we love it anyway. Just because of the fiddlers and the hairdo and the reminders of the glorious times that once were. For that it deserved both the points it got. Thank you, Portugal and France.

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