The Swiss will choose tonight!

Much the same like Christmas it seems like Eurovision season kicks off earlier every year. And for the record, that’s not a bad thing. In the Good Evening Europe HQ every day is Eurovision day all year around. And tonight the first entry for Düsseldorf will be selected. Oh joy! The Swiss have done terribly bad the last few years and darling Michael von der Heide even told us that they might consider withdrawing if he didn’t make the cut in Oslo. Well, we all know how that went and his sinister prediction turned out to be a bunch of BS, thank Gawd.

But they seemed to have realized that something must be done to try and save the sinking ship and it would be nice to see a Swiss entry proceed from the semi-finals at the very least. Step one towards restoring Swiss ESC-greatness is to bring back the national selection final. We’ve had a quick spin though tonight’s candidates, and that’s about half an hour of our lives that we will never get back. We better hope that the Swiss will choose wisely so we’re not stuck for the next six months with the realization of Switzerland sending yet another non-qualifier. Cause most of the entries in the line-up won’t have a snowball’s chance in hell to make it through, we reckon.

Here’s tonight’s line-up:

1.    Polly Duster – Up to you
2.    Duke – Waiting for ya
3.    Andrina – Drop of drizzle
4.    Bernarda Brunovic – Confidence
5.    Anna Rossinelli – In love for a while
6.    Aliose – Sur les paves
7.    Dominique Borriello – Il ritmo dentro di noi
8.    Scilla – Barbie Doll
9.    CH – Gib nid uf
10.    Ilira and The Colors – Home
11.    Sarah Burgess – Just me
12.    The Glue – Come what may

You might as well skip the first 8, unless you take a particular twisted joy in torturing yourself. In that case you might consider seeking professional help. Andrina’s Drop of drizzle is perhaps not that bad. She’s young and we get a hunch that she might be ok live. The song is very commercial in a Faith Hill kinda way. It should have played out the country feel to it to a much greater extent to really stand out. We like the fact that Dominique Borriello sings in Italian, but that’s it, the song itself is one big yawn. And Scilla’s Barbie Doll, we expected it to be bad, but we actually couldn’t finish listening to the whole song, it’s just too awful. Anna Rossinelli’s name gets our hopes up for a full blown Italian power ballad, however instead she gives us a bland and boring sqeekathon, what a bummer. Polly Duster’s kilts and Aliose’s French sugar pop are equally horrible in very different ways. Top that with Duke’s wannabe hip hop/rap, perhaps of even poorer quality than FYR Macedonia this year and a boring ballad in the Jesus/Praise the Lord segment by Bernarda Brunovich you’re in for a roller coster ride of bad taste and heart wrenching moments.

CH’s Gib nid uf is not half bad, we like that it’s sung in Swiss German and it has a radio friendly sing along melody. But it’s not ESC material we’re afraid. The ex-American Idol participant Sarah Burgess seems to emerge as a fan (aka gay) favorite, but we don’t like it much. It’s annoying, kinda fake and very Katy Perry wannabe. And for those of you that didn’t care much for Lena’s freaky accent, here’s another challenge for you.

This boils it down to a couple of favorites, really. Ilira and The Colors with Home, has that something special. It sounds a little like Justin Timberlake’s What Goes Around…/…Comes Around and that can’t be a bad thing. And we became very puzzled by the language, could it be Romansh? It turns out it’s Albanian, and the song is about how it’s like being a second generation immigrant in Switzerland. Interesting. With a pimped-up production this could turn out to be a real dark horse in Düsseldorf.

The Glue with Come what may also reeks dark horse miles away. What is this? Is it entirely a cappella? We’re intrigued and wonder how this will turn out live. After some contemplation we have reached the decision that this must be our favorite for tonight.

A last piece of advise for Switzerland, forget about neutrality for once and take a stand. Happy voting!

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