Retro Sunday: Italy 1974

Suppose we’re not the only Eurovision fans screaming “yes, yes, yes!” from the top of our lunges when we received the terrific news that Italy most likely will return to ESC next year. Or should we rather say “Sì”, as the lovely Gigliola Cinquetti so sweet and softly did back in 1974 when she came second representing Italy for the second time:

There’s no shame in being defeated by a bunch of triggerhappy Swedes on a mission, armed to their teeth with the most schlagertastic stompathon ever. At least not when you already won the competition 10 years earlier. And most people do of course remember the winning song “Non Ho L’Età” better than this runner-up. “Sì” is perhaps not as ear catching and instantly touching, but it has this very alluring, sincere feel to it, which sways us ever so gently into the state where we would say yes to just about anything. Well, nothing new there, we suppose.

And the choir chicks, wow, apparently you didn’t need to show much skin to be sexy back in the 70s, sometimes less is more, peeps, or more is more, or yeah, whatever. As long as it’s with brown floral print! And apparently you don’t need more than one microphone shared by four people either. Those were the times, indeed.

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