Finally: Welcome back Italy!

We are crazily happy over in the GEE office right now. Could we be dreaming? Or is Italy really returning to Eurovision?

Yup, turns out Italian broadcaster RAI really has applied for participation. Wow, that’s like the best news since Roxette sang their last song. Only we won’t really believe it until an Italian participant is actually on stage. Berlusconi isn’t really famous for sticking to standards. On the other hand, he does need to gain some more popularity in Europe, so who knows. Let’s just cross our fingers he won’t bring in his bikini ladies or, wait a minute, why not?

We for sure start wondering if our work in September actually did work. We did after all try to pay off a couple of people. And that makes us wonder who we should pay off to make Toto Cotugno return as well. He is, if you didn’t notice, our fav Italian after Francesco Totti, and we believe the latter cannot sing just as well as the former.

Anyway, this will for sure be pretty amazing. We can’t wait to see the best of Eurovision!

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