Last MGP finalists revealed

Finally NRK has given us the last names to compete for a place in the Norwegian national final, Melodi Grand Prix. Here they are all together:

For the Florø semi final:
Pernille & Marius: “I’ll be Yours”
Hanne Sørvaag: “You’re like a Melody”
Isabella: “Sand”
Endre: “Oh, Oh (Puppy Love)”
Marika: “Hungry for You (Gipsydance)”
Mimi Blix: “Allergic”
Babel Fish: “You Can Depend on Me”

For the Skien semi final:
Grethe Svensen: “Like Dreamers Do”
Girl Happy: “SOS”
The BlackSheeps: “Dance Tonight”
Noora Noor: “Gone With the Wind”
Susperia: “Nothing Remains”
Stella Mwangi: “Haba Haba”
The Lucky Bullets: “Fire Below”

For the Ørlandet semi final:
Carina Dahl: «Guns & Boys»
Use Me: «Daisy»
Sichelle: «Trenger mer»
Sie Gubba: «Alt du vil ha»
Åste & Rikke: «Not That Easy»
Helene Bøksle: «Vardlokk»
Gatas Parlament: «Jobbe litt mindre»

Hmm, ok. What can we say about this? We are certainly really happy about Hanne Sørvaag, who is a doll, and who we like better when she sings her own songs instead of handing them over to teenagers and their likings. And like we told you, we are happy about Gatas Parlament and The BlackSheeps. Moreover Noora Noor is pretty cool, and we’re excited about what Endre’s puppy love implies.

Towards Helene Bøksle we are indifferent, since we guess we have to deal with her no matter what. But what’s up with this Babel Fish, classifying their participation as a mid life crisis, yet saying they have made the best song ever? We only remember them as something annoying from the 90s, but hey, revivals have proven to work before. So guess we are more skeptical towards Mimi Blix, characterized by her local news paper as the Tyra Banks of Norway. Well, sorry, a good pose and an African father doesn’t automatically give you that, but whatever. Tyra is not exactly a Eurovision lady anyway.

And why so many unknown names Mr. Sundnes? Kinda makes us wonder if the line-up is custom made for a certain lady… On the other hand, we don’t mind getting new names out there, after all Alexander Rybak wasn’t all that big either when he first entered the MGP stage.

Anyways, this is a lot to take in. We’ll have to give you more comments later.

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