Retro Sunday: Estonia 1996

It’s yet again Sunday, which calls for our weekly Eurovision retro fix. Estonia is one of our favorite countries when it comes to giving us bittersweet melancholy. Which kinda fits our blue mood today.

What an odd couple this is. It’s such a beautiful song, but we must admit it feels kinda awkward watching this 16 years old girl singing a love duet with this rather.. erm elderly gentleman. At least the stylist dressed her up to look like she’s at least 40. Perhaps Sieneke picked up fashion tips from this YouTube clip before entering the stage in Oslo earlier this year? It sort of hits us when we watch old stuff from the 90s, this is pretty much how we must have all looked like back then. We think we’d rather stay in denial on that one. Thank God no-one yet had thought of digital cameras and Facebook.

Anyways, at least this song is still as lovely as ever. So we’ll just close our eyes and listen.

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