Belarussian fairytales for Alexander?

As we wait for new names to be released in the lineup for MGP 2011, there’s apparently not much hope of seeing Alexander Rybak back on stage. And even though we love him to bits, we think it’s a good thing that he’s not pulling a “Lena” on us. History has told us that it’s a tough act to follow up a victory in Eurovision, just ask Charlotte and Niamh… Alexander is however not closing the window completely for new ESC fairytales in the future. According to he wishes to compose for other artists from other countries and he suggests Belarus where he has his native roots. Our initial response is that we want to keep him for ourselves, heaven knows we can use some decent songwriters after last year’s Eurovision disaster, but we suppose we can share him… After all it’s Thanksgiving across the pond today and Christmas is soon approaching, and we do want Santa to think we’ve been nice this year. Hohoho!

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