Retro Sunday: Greece 2002

You know those Eurovision entries that are so typical of their year of existence they almost seem parodic? Yup, they are usually really crappy ones. But in GEE we are inclusive and love everybody, of course. And seriously, these guys do make us happy, if not for the right reasons:

Just take a look at those robocop outfits, worth all the 27 points they got alone. Take a look at their sweaty hair and determined eyes. So dedicated to save the world from the horror of the turning millennium. Only the millennium has already turned and no crisis made its appearance. But hey, maybe they knew what would happen to their country 8 years later? Could be, these people are after all future oriented.

There is something about this choreography that makes us think we will hit the next available dance floor lifting our knees and arms synchronically. We sure hope no one will reveal to them that their style is 20 years delayed. Just say the password, S.A.G.A.P.O., and enter this world with a smile instead, will you?

Too bad this music is really crappy, but hey, that could be replaced. We usually just play this video on mute. At least we are so envious of that portable keyboard and those repetitive skills skills skills. And that chest, of course course course.

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