Where is Wikileaks when you really need them?

Here we go again! The speculations on who’s gonna participate in next year’s MGP are soon about to turn into a frenzy as the tabloids starts leaking names of artists and songwriters. This is supposed to be super secret until December, but some have obviously a hard time keeping their big mouths shut. And who has bigger mouths than the rap group Gatas Parlament? Even though they do not willingly announce the big news themselves, we recon they’re in the running alright. What else to expect from a couple of left wing, anarchist, free speech activists? You just gotta love it! Perhaps Aslak Borgersrud from Gatas Parlament was persuaded by MGP fan favorite Jenny Jenssen since they are now new BFF’s after participating in Maestro together? The world has officially gone crazy.

“F**k, we got totally wasted last night, hope I didn’t say anything really stupid and bourgeois





And of course Helene Bøksle is yet again mentioned, but this is yesterday news as GEE reported this back in June. We’ll keep you posted on more leaks which are bound to happen as soon as another artist or songwriter gets drunk together with one of VG’s journalists.


  1. Would be great to see Gatas Parlament participate in MGP 🙂 Something fresh, youthful, new and credible! Not usually my kind of music, but for the reputation of the contest, it’s great 🙂 All credit to GP!

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